Amusement Park Shepparton

Go Karting

Go Karting at Fun Planet is an exhilarating experience! Experience the incredible G-forces these karts provide as they grip the track when you find your racing line. Our karts are fully electric, with no fuel, so very safe for all ages. Race the 350m track, reaching speeds of up to 70kph if you dare! Average race time per person is 15 laps. Karts with restricted speed limits are also available, we match the correct go kart with driver ability, ensuring you have an enjoyable and safe experience on the track. Whether it’s a family outing, birthday party or corporate event Fun Planet racing is suitable for everyone! Our go karts also feature headlights, for an extra sensory experience test your ability with night racing.

Maximum weight limit: 120kg per person.
Minimum height required: 140cm per person.
Minimum age required: 8 years old and above.

Rock Wall

Race to the top of the 12.5m high wall, with 20 climbing courses of varying difficulty using the latest and safest equipment. The harnesses and ropes use an ‘auto belay’ system which means it is self-climbing. Degree of difficulty as per the Australian Ratings are 15 to 24. Children will enjoy the rock cave for juniors, a climbing cave with inflatable floor. Let your child explore their limits in complete safety.

Minimum weight required: 30kg per person.

Laser Tag

Featuring state of the art equipment, enter the street-art themed arena for your Laser Tag mission. Start your challenge in the briefing room, before competing across two levels decked out in neon graffiti and stencil art, including lighting, audio and fog effects. Suitable for all age groups, choose from 8 standard missions or 15 group missions. Your objective is to ‘tag’ as many of the opposing players as you can, plus seek and destroy bases. Inside the course the scene is set with lighting effects, smoke, music and sound. You are transported to a double-story wasteland featuring 6 bases, 100 targets and 5 pick-up stations. During your mission you’ll also meet with many obstacles to challenge your combat skills. With missions available for up to 34 players, it’s game on! Street fighters, you’ve been briefed, it’s time to enter your challenge!


  • Buddies
  • Color Ranked Solo
  • Elimination Ranked Solo
  • Midnight Madness
  • Midnight Madness Teams
  • Standard Solo
  • Standard Team Pro
  • Target Eimination


  • Battle Force
  • Capture
  • Capture the Flag
  • Friend or Foe
  • Hot Potato
  • Human Flags
  • Infection
  • Power Ball
  • Solo Elimination
  • Speed Ball
  • Survivor
  • Survivor Teams
  • Terminator
  • Time Warrior

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Mini Golf

Test your putting skills against our glow in the dark African jungle themed course. The unique and challenging 9-hole fluorescence course is suitable for all ages. The whole family will be entertained by the unique course design, amid a neon wonderland.

Bungee Run

Run against powerful bungee cords and then bungee back to the start of the 10m long inflatable course. Strap yourself in for the unexpectedly huge rush that’ll take your breath away. Tough it out against your opponent as you battle against bungee cables that will steal the grip from under your feet.


Balladium is a fast-paced, interactive ball blasting game played in an eye-popping black light arena. Players load their cannons and the excitement begins as they race to outscore the other team before time runs out! Games are set with up to 4 players per team, with the option of 2, 3, 5 or 10 minutes duration. How long will you last?

Virtual Reality

2 Machines
5 programs for each

Venturer Motion Thrill Rides

Roller coaster
2 Machines
5 programs each

2 Storey Children’s Playground

Arcade Games

Fun Planet offers an extensive range of the latest arcade games, as well as retro and classic games to test your skills. With over 80 skill-based games to choose from, there is something to suit all age groups. Challenge your friends and family members with all-time favourites like Daytona, street basketball, pac-man and claw machines. See how many tickets you can win and trade them in at the redemption counter for fun prizes including lollies, bouncy balls, board games, plush toys, jewellery and more.

Arcade games include:

  • Hitty Mouse
  • Air Hockey
  • Wack & Win
  • King of the Hammer 2
  • Hit the Beat
  • Hippo
  • Barber Cut
  • Horse Play
  • I cube
  • Stacker
  • Monster Drop
  • Balloon Buster
  • Whirl Wind
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Jungle Drummer
  • Treasure Quest
  • Despicable Me
  • Chocolate Castle
  • Footy Fever
  • Prize Depot
  • Stack n Grab
  • Moving Castle
  • Go Go Pony
  • Dino Cart
  • Daytona
  • Pop Moto Motorbike Ride
  • Dragon Punch
  • Maxi Claw Machines (including win every time machine)
  • Ice ball
  • Shooting Hoops
  • Ay Up
  • Prize Cube
  • Master Jackpot Wheel
  • Milk Jug Tosses
  • Down the Clowns
  • Sink Its
  • The Simpson Soccer Ball
  • Ducky Splash
  • Cyclone
  • Colour Crush
  • Shot Party
  • Slam a Winner
  • Flappy Bird
  • Street Basketball
  • Roller Coaster Pin Ball
  • The Walking Dead Pin Ball

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  • Pacman (4 player)
  • Pirates Hook (4 player)
  • Monopoly (6 player)
  • Time Crisis 5 (2 player)
  • Terminator Salvation (2 player)
  • Big Buck Hunter (2 player)
  • Dinokink111 (6 player)